Questions About Your New Site

What is The Process in Creating a Web Site?

* First, please fill-out our New Project Form so that we will learn more about your business and what you need done.

* Then we will contact you to get to know how your business works and what you expect from this web design project.  We then get you a website proposal for the work.

* We secure your domain name, setup a web hosting account and start creating  your new website using any content, images or example sites you supply.

* We provide you with a draft of the new website and work with you to help develop the look and feel of the site. Once the design has been approved, we then create the navigation structure and the interior pages of the site.


How Much Does it Cost to Design a Web Site?

Every website project is different and we quote each of them individually.  We base our estimates on the complexity of the site structure, the number of pages within the site and other details we learn from you in our initial discussions.

Some of the factors which affect the cost are:

* Number of pages within the site

* Types and number of images in the site

* Programming involved in setting up site


How Will the Site Do in The Search Engines?

*  Every website we create is built from the ground up with the search engines in mind.  Just having a website is nice but it wont help you gain new clients unless the site is properly optimized for the search engines.

*  We provide basic search engine optimization to each website we build, which sometimes can yield good results, but if you are in a competitive area, then you would need to do more then the basics.

*  We provide advanced Internet marketing packages and services including advanced keyword research, directory submission programs, link building programs, content creation, pay per click marketing and many other Internet marketing and SEO services.

*  In order for your site to rank highly for multiple keywords at Google, you must have fresh unique content, either in the form of blog posts or with new pages added to your site, articles, etc.

So in a large part, how well your site does in the search engines is up to you!


Fill out the form below for a free web site proposal  on your Illinois web design project.

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