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Costa Technologies is a Chicago SEO company that helps small businesses rank higher in search engines and drive more focused and qualified traffic.

We provide a variety of digital marketing services including organic SEO, Local SEO, and Video SEO. We offer Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing services with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Video Ads & Bing and Yahoo paid ads.

Do you need help with your website’s Search Engine Optimization?

Do you want to rank higher on google maps?

We have a 5 Part Process

#1- Keyword Research

We take the time to study your business, company, or service. Finding the right unique keywords to target in order to bring more visitors is one of the essential skills of our SEO experts.

#2- On-Page Optimization

Website development has advanced over the years, as has SEO. There are many more variables in play when getting a page ranked at Google.

On page SEO and optimization is pretty key.  We utilized a combination of SEO tools to help with this process including SURFER SEO to help nail down the pages on page optimization score.


#3- Check for Broken Links

The remaining steps require the use of some tools to do the dirty work for us.

In this step, we’re going to check for broken links on your website, which provide a bad user experience. Google hates broken links because that can be frustrating for their users when they are trying to navigate your website. So if you have broken links, you’re hurting your rankings.

To check for broken links I recommend the tool, Screaming Frog. It’ll take some time to download the tool and get familiar, but once that’s done then using this tool will only take a couple of minutes and you’ll see right away if broken links are an issue on your website.

#4- Check for Duplicate Content

Next, we need to check for duplicate content.

If your webpage is a duplicate of another webpage either on your website or on another website, then that’s going to make it nearly impossible for you to get ranked in Google.

Why? Because Google will only rank one version of the duplicate content. There’s no reason for Google to rank a duplicate page because that provides no additional value to their users.

Again, we need to use a tool here. If you want a free resource, then use For more accuracy, use ($5 minimum).

#5- Check Website Load Speed

The final step is to check your website load speed.

In other words, how fast (or slow) does your website load? Google uses page load speed as a factor in their ranking algorithm because let’s face it, no one wants to sit around a wait for a webpage to load up. That means the faster your load speeds, the better.

Google provides a free and easy tool to analyze your page speed and even get information about how to improve your speeds. It’s called PageSpeed Insightsand all you have to do is copy and paste your webpage URL into the tool and click Analyze. Or better yet, ask your developer to use this tool and go through the recommended steps to improve your site speed.

That’s it! By going through the 5 steps above and fixing any problems, you’ll quickly get your website ranking higher in Google.


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