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Chicago SEO Tips for Social Media in 2016



SEO Tips for Social Media in 2016

  • The amount of followers that are connected to your social media platforms has a notable upward effect on your ranking. 

For example, if someone follows your business and sees and interesting post topic, say on Facebook, this should take them to a post on your Blog/News/Update page. If that is set up properly as a sub-domain, they are now on your website and can click on anything, menu, contact, about….all on the main domain. This increases dwell time on your website which in turn, increases SEO substantially. Google measures how long someone is on your site. If they spend 5 minutes reading an interesting post, that alone helps your website SEO by increasing this measured dwell time and decreasing “bounce rate” (Clicking back and leaving the domain quickly).

  • Social is the New Backlink

One way you can increase your website SEO is through backlinks, which are other sites that have a link to yours. This was abused by a lot of people early on, so Google looks for real ones. Google is actively looking for diversity in the links to your site, so social media encourages this, as long as your content is of course, useful, original, relevant to your audience both on your website and the social platform.

  • Post Optimization

Apart from the occasional social media post that doesn’t point directly to your domain (think Happy 4th of July with an image of fireworks – it doesn’t need a 400 word post on your website), your posts need to be as fully optimized as possible. Think about the channels you are going to use, and know that you CAN rank for the same post with different search terms. This is where SEO comes in real handy. Ideally you want your content person to know a whole lot about SEO.

  • Yes, Google Likes More Than Google Plus

Google now indexes Twitter Tweets and Facebook Posts as well as others (In addition to Google +). Bottom line, if that social media post was optimized, it can show up in a keyword search. Also, when searching for a business, social channels for that business show up in listings. It’s not unusual to see a businesses Facebook Page ahead of the Business Website in the search listings (Facebook has the most weight as the biggest social network by far). But we regress…individual Social Posts can appear in keyword searches, That is a big SEO advantage.

  • SEO for your Posts and Social Media Are One in the Same

SEO and Social media are both considered to be inbound marketing techniques or “pull marketing”. We are all used to Push Marketing –  loud commercials urging you to “Come on Down” to see all the cars on the dealer lot. Most advertising is Push. Pushing products and services to your audience all the time will push them away and straight to your competitors. , It’s far better to focus on pulling them in with great content and conversation, identifying their passions and fulfilling a need.

As we move through 2016 and head into 2017, it’s important that businesses’ and brands make allowances for social media, content marketing and SEO in their marketing budgets.  Without having these disciplines implemented in their business this year, and utilizing these pull marketing channels working 24/7, those left behind, will stay behind.






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