Google My Business Tips in 2016



Is your business on Google My Business? If so, you’re likely aware of the great advantages the platform brings for small business owners. If you’re new to Google My Business, here’s a quick overview to get you up to speed:

  • Google My Business is Google’s platform that enables businesses to get listed on Google Maps

  • It also allows your business to customize their profile with photos, hours of operation, special operating hours, and more

  • Your Google My Business profile serves as a review forum for customers to post reviews about your business

  • Customers can easily access your information on Google My Business across all platforms, whether they’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device or tablet

Just like any other platform that gives your brand exposure on the web, Google My Business needs optimized in order to maximize your results. Google My Business is relatively easy to use, but the average business owner may not be aware of optimization best practices.  A lot of times business owners will not claim or verify their listings, thats obviously step #1.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Business Address is Correct

Having a typo in your address can spell big trouble if you aren’t careful. A wrong digit in your street address can lead to lost business, so ensuring that your address is correct is critical. Not to mention, Google likes to see that your citations match across the board online—from your website to your Google My Business page. This is the NAP (Name, Address and Phone #), so its starts with NAME and if you have a lot of variations of your name, it can cause some issues, so its always best to just use one name and stick with it and spell it the exact same way every single time. So this might mean fixing some listings so they match up to your Google my business.

Consistency is also important when optimizing your Google My Business page. Google views “St” and “Street” as two separate citations, so you’ll want to be sure you’re using the same format no matter where you register your address online.

Tip #2: Manage Your Reviews

While managing your reviews may not necessarily get you higher search engine rankings on Google, it will certainly look positive in the eyes of your customers. Many business owners will go online to read any customer reviews left about their company, but few will respond.

Bottom line is that you want reviews for a few different reasons but a lot of times you can really stand out if you have reviews and your competitors do not.  So you need to make sure you have a system to get reviews, check for reviews and respond if needed.

Tip #3- Create a custom Google Contact Page

Its not a bad idea to have a contact page that includes the same information you have on your Google page, including having a YouTube Video, having your Google maps embedded into the page, having a list of the services you provide and then also a list of the areas you service within a 20 mile radius.  THEN you want to link to those City official pages, and also possibly to posts or subpages you have done on different areas.   You also want to include the Google Categories and then create subpages around them.   THEN you can also include links to other nearby businesses to establish your location. The combination of all of this can help show Google that you might deserve to stand out among all the other businesses in your local area.

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