How Do You Get Ranked at Google?

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A common question I hear all the time is simply “How do I get my site ranked higher at Google?”…..

The answer isnt easy because where do you want to be ranked higher? In the free results or the paid results ? In the free local or free organic results ? Or maybe you want to get your videos ranked higher at YouTube and Google Video? Its not easy but nothing great ever is.

You pretty much need to be ranked everywhere these days and its a matter of finding out what keywords you want to be ranked on, and then writing high quality content around those keywords, and then also making videos around the keywords.

Chicago Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help place your web site among the top organic search engine results for a particular search at Google, which will lead users looking for your service to your web site. This is a good way to establish your web presence and gain a solid flow of traffic to your site, which can often times lead to new business.

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#1- Help Claim & Optimize your Google My Business Listing

The foundation of a great local SEO campaign is an optimized Google listing. We have perfected the creation, verification, and optimization process for our clients. When it comes to local business advertising, an accurate and informative listing on Google is as valuable as having an ad in the yellow pages 20 years ago.

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