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Creating Micro Sites for Local and Organic SEO purposes.  Get more then one site listed at Google, have multiple Google My Business (GMB) Listings.  Think bigger!  Getting more then one site ranked isnt easy and should only be done for businesses that have the need to put a big focus on one certain area.


Micro sites are simply a site that is created unique of your existing main site and is focused on ONE theme. So if your a law firm and have 10 practice areas, its hard to get ranked for all of those practice areas but if you create a microsite that focuses on just one practice area, you have a much better chance of ranking high in both local and organic search ranking.

The key is having unique content on the micro site and a lot of it.  So if your going to focus on the one area, you must put extra time in here to create more detailed and unique content.  You need more images, more videos, infographics and especially more text and content.    Create FAQ’s by doing blog posts for each FAQ and Answer, and then create a main FAQ page and have all the different FAQ posts linked on one page.   Create multiple videos around this new topic.  Create unique images to use.


The big trick when creating the micro site is to also get a Google my business listing as well.   This isnt always possble and it depends on the business.    Yet for the most part Google is a big fan of unique content.  They want to help people find what they are looking for and if you want to create multiple websites that have 100s of blog posts of unique valuable content, images, videos and other valuable resources. Well Google is going to say thanks and heres a lot of traffic for you.

If your a Dentist and you have one main site with all of your services, certain things might get lost.  So if you know that root canal work is something you want to focus on, then it might make sense to create a micro site around root canals.  Then on that new site you would have expanded content above what you now have. Then you would create a FAQ section, 10 videos, 20 images, and as much content as you can.     Then as long as you have a legit site on a legit topic, you can get a 2nd listing at the same address.   Then once you get that site verified and setup, then its just a matter of getting good citations to it and everything else that needs to be done to get good Google Local SEO Rankings.

If your a lawyer, having a personal injury site in addition to the Smith Law.com site is a great idea because the odds are the personal injury stuff is getting lost in the shuffle.   Google wants to see a theme on a site and when you have one area like personal injury, then every page and post in the site is going to be around that topic.  Where on the general site, your going to have personal injury mixed with bankruptcy, mixed with estate planning and more.  SO if your say going against a competitor who has a site focused only on personal injury, they might have a leg up on your because they have a 100 pages on PI, you only have 20.  Also they have the domain of Chicago Personal Injury.com , you have Smith Law.com……   Who do you think would rank better for personal injury terms?   Maybe neither! Yet odds are its the former.


If you want your micro site to do well, you must do everything for a regular site and sometimes more.    Sometimes it might not be needed but if your in a competitive area, you might need to create extra content, create unique social media accounts and more.

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