Top 6 SEO Tips in 2016 and Beyond

SEO Tips 2016 – Infographic

Below is an inforgraphic that shows the top ranking factors and strategies in 2016.


#1 – Keyword Research

  • Use Google Keyword Tool, SEM Rush, Google Trends and other keyword tools.

  • Focus on trending topics with low competition keywords

  • Come up with a lot of long tail keywords

#2- On-Page SEO

  • Create Longer content of over 1000 words.

  • Use Keyword Rich Titles and H1 Tags

  • Use SEO Audit Tools and Content Optimization Tools

#3- Mobile Friendly Site

  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly

  • Use the Google Mobile testing tool

#4- Link Building

  • Dont use spammy links or leave spam comments

  • Try doing guest blogging

  • Make sure you diversify your anchor text and link profiles

#5- Content Marketing

  • Make sure your content is well done and that your articles are over 1000 words

  • embed videos, images and infographics

  • Use Buffer, Google Trends and other content tools

#6- Mobile SEO

  • Focus on file size and page speed

  • Use well optimized and focused images