Choosing the Right Domain Name

Your domain name is the center of your Internet identity and the importance of having your own domain name goes without explanation. It is the same as branding your business or product.

When choosing your domain name, it’s important to have a domain name that is simple and memorable, yet at the same time properly describes your business.

Also make sure you ALWAYS get a .COM, dont settle for less for your main site.   Getting a .Net or .Org isnt a bad idea for a mini site or blog but usually you always want to get a .com if you can.

It is also a good practice to register variations of your name, including different spellings, product names, taglines, and associated words. One of the reasons for this is to ensure that these unused domain names don’t end up falling into the hands of competitors.  Yet more important, when people attempt to search for your site and enter a variation of your domain name they will still end up with your site as a result.

Owning multiple domain names can help improve your search engine rankings and is part of our advanced search engine optimization plan.

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