How Search Engine Optimization works in 2016

SEO Marketing in Chicago in 2016 – Inforgraphic

How does SEO work? Aaron Wall from SEO Book has an infographic which is below, that spells out everything you ever wanted to know about how the SEO rankings work.  It still comes down to great content and Links, as in the past, but theres a lot more to it these days and MOBILE is more important then ever.



As users have shifted to mobile devices, the limited screen size of the devices have pushed search engines to squeeze out & displace publishers with their own self-hosted information in an effort to offset the poor usability offered by tiny devices, while ensuring the search habit does not decline.

The philosophy of modern search has thus moved away from starting with information and connecting it to an audience, to starting with the user and customizing the result page to them.

“The biggest three challenges for us still will be mobile, mobile, mobile” – Google’s Amit Singhal

HMMMMMM, Is Mobile important? HELL YEA. Its like super important and NOW is the time to just go Mobile crazy for your business!  Make sure your site is mobile friendly, optimize for mobile SEO, do Mobile Pay per click, do mobile Viideo ads and thats a pretty solid mobile start!



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