Link building is the process of obtaining links from other websites, this can build your sites "Link Popularity" score.  A link popularity score refers to both the number and the quality of links that point to a given Web page, such as your sites home page. Having other Internet sites link to your Web site is important for numerous reasons.  Most search engines currently use the popularity of a Web page as one of the criteria for how it will be ranked when a user performs a search . Each incoming link to your Web site from another Web site is seen by the search engines as a vote from the other Web site, and will increase your popularity in a search engine's ranking algorithm.

Not all incoming links have the same popularity weight; links to your site found on web pages that are popular themselves and that contain similar content are of more value than links appearing on less popular or relevant pages.

We will analyze your current sites link popularity and Google PageRank score and come up with a linking strategy. We help get links to your web site from as many other quality web sites as possible. We make sure that any links you currently have from other sites are being counted at the main search engines.

Having listings at the main search directories like Yahoo and the Open Directory project are very important because the weight of a link from Yahoo can be of great value.

It is important not to get involved in a link-trading scheme used to increase the link popularity value of a group of Web sites. Search engines will sometimes remove all of the sites that are in a link-trading scheme. Only link to legitimate, real web sites on your web pages.

  Search Engine Marketing can help place your web site among the top search engine results for searches related to your business, which will lead potential clients to your web site.
This is a good way to establish your web presence and gain a solid flow of traffic to your site, which can lead to new
business. 
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