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We are a local SEO company in Chicago that provides SEO Marketing services to local businesses, including local SEO and Google My Business campaigns.

Local SEO Search and Google maps SEO is more important than ever before in 2022.

Approximately 93 percent of U.S. consumers search for local businesses online and about 88 percent of SEO local mobile searches result in a store visit or phone call within 24 hours.

Build your local reach and target high-intent consumers in the area.

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is different than organic SEO in that the results are coming from Google maps and Google business listings. So it’s another way for your business to get in front of the millions of people doing searches on Google.

You want to make sure your business profile at Google has been claimed and verified, and then you want to optimize it.

Yet there are a bunch of other things you need to have done in order to show up on the Google map listings and the Google local search 3-pack listings.


An effective Local SEO campaign is critical for any small business that wants to succeed.

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Local search engine optimization (SEO) should be a cornerstone of your business’s online strategy

Potential customers are using their mobile devices to search for your products and services, yet often they cannot find you. We’ll help them search for you with successful local SEO services that will pave the way to increased traffic and sales.

We are one of the top local seo companies and can help small businesses get ranked higher at Google.

How Do You Get Your Business on the Google Map 3-pack?

Getting your Google my business profile listed on the Google 3 pack for pertinent keywords is one of the top goals of local SEO.

If someone does a Google search for say “Chicago root canal dentist”, you want your dental office website to appear in the first 3 results on the Google map. Its one of the best ways to get solid traffic of people who are looking for your services or products.

To get in the Google 3 pack and get solid local SEO rankings, you would need the following:

#1- Having a fully optimized Google Business Profile

#2= Have over 20 five-star reviews and a Reviews strategy set up to get a constant flow of new reviews from customers.

#3= Have a Citations Building campaign that gets you an ongoing flow of citations that include your business’s NAP information set up correctly.

#4= Have a link-building campaign that can also be used to get links to your Google business listing as well as any local created pages on your website.

#5- Have a Localized Content Creation campaign setup where you create different content centered around your local area and neighborhoods. Create blog posts, Google posts, social media posts and YouTube videos around your local area.

This is a big part of Local SEO work and it mainly all centers around Google. Yet there are a lot of moving parts and different elements with local search engine optimization. Its not just focusing on Google maps or the Google search engine. Its a combination of things that need to be done.

Local SEO Marketing- 7 Steps for Success

We are a local SEO service provider and digital marketing agency that can help you have success with the search engines and Google my business listings.

We provide local search engine optimization services that can help you gain new customers.

7 Steps to Local SEO Gold!

There’s G0ld in them Local Hills Jerry, Gold!

If you want to strike Gold along with Jerry and Newman, and the many other local business owners, you need to follow these 7 local SEO strategies.

Yet you have to take all the needed steps, just like if you were panning for gold back in 1849 California.

4 or 5 of the steps will not cut it, you need to do all the steps, and then some more steps with ongoing content creation, photos and video creation.

#1- Optimize your Google Business Profile listing

The foundation of a great local SEO campaign is an optimized Google business listing. We have perfected the creation, verification, and optimization process for our clients.

Google Business Profile listings contain key information about businesses — and they appear when people search for companies near them. For example, a quick search for “best pizza shop near me” yields the results for many different pizza shops in my Chicago location.

The listings at the top of search results make up Google’s local SEO 3-pack. Searchers can see the locations of these pizza shops on the above map, and clicking the results displays the restaurants’ Google Business Profile listings.

These listings contain key information like a company’s address, hours, website, phone number, and even images.

If you want your business to appear in Google’s local SEO 3-pack, at the top of results, you need to claim and optimize your Google Business Profile listing, for starters.

You’ll also want to keep your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) information consistent across your online listings to improve your chances of earning a top spot in results.

When it comes to local business advertising, an accurate and informative listing on Google is as valuable as having an ad in the yellow pages 20 years ago.

#2= Localized Content Creation & Keyword Research

Local Search engine optimization is strategically targeted toward the audience in your community. Our local SEO team drives customers online through keyword research and intelligent on-page SEO.

We use top AI (Artificial Intelligence) on-page local SEO tools to help create content that is tailored to your local community and audience. This will help your local business get ranked higher in the search engines.

Put the focus on the geographic area you are targeting in the content created. To get top listings in the local search results, you’ll need to target local keywords on your website and in your site content.

Let’s look at an example.

If a dental practice in the Portage Park neighborhood in the Chicago area wants to rank in the local seo results, they could optimize their page titles, meta descriptions, and site copy to include the keywords “Top Chicago Dentist” or “Award-winning Portgage Park Dentistry.”

In addition, the practice may consider creating some location-specific pages on their site. For instance, they could create a page for “Portage Park Chicago Dental Services,” and highlight various dental services they offer to Chicago residents.

Then in addition the local business content that is created for the Google business profile posts would have the local area keywords inserted within the document.

Targeting location-based keywords can help your business appear in more local searches so people in your area can find and contact you. We do extensive keyword research to make sure we target the right keywords for your local business.

It’s key to know all the different ways people are typing in Google to find your kind of business. This includes using zip codes, misspellings, abbreviations, and other keywords that describe the location your business is located.

#3= Citation Building Campaigns

One of the factors in getting local SEO rankings can be your citations. These are simply the different listings you have on other websites that include your business info.

So really any listing at say a business directory that lists your business is a citation, even if there is no link to your website. Links and citations are different. Links are still needed with local SEO, but citations are usually the fuel that helps get better local seo rankings.

These citations contain your key NAP Information. This is your company’s name, address, and phone number and its key that is the exact same at each of the different sites.

Citation-building campaigns can help you get local listings and citations on sites like Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, Faceboo, TripAdvisor, and other high authority sites.

Claim & Setup other Business Listings at top Directories

Google is not the only Local game in town! You want to also get listed in the Bing and Yahoo local directories, As well as having a YELP page and pages at a number of other online business directories.

You want to make sure you have the same business listing that has your NAP **Name, Address and Phone # exactly the same on each site.   

Each of these listings is a CITATION and its important that your contact info is all the exact same.

Contact your top local SEO services company for help with your citation building and other local SEO services to help get your site more local traffic.

#4= Do Local On Site Optimization & Mobile 

You also want to do a number of things on your website that can help your Local SEO Efforts.  You want to create city pages for each of the locations you want to target.

Then optimize that page with content from Wikipedia and other general info on the location.

Then you want to create blog posts around different locations, embed your Google map listing into your contact page and a number of other on-site things.

We can help build your local rankings by creating local citations and optimizing all of your online local business listings. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Implement Mobile Responsive Design

Your local SEO strategy should be to make your website responsive. Approximately 60 percent of internet search results come via smartphones.

Often, people need information when traveling especially when searching locally for local businesses. Mobile users’ mobile use has made mobile responsive web design essential for businesses.

The responsiveness of your website is important because it looks good and functions properly, regardless of how you’re using the website — a mobile phone.

Are mobile sites good enough to support a mobile device? Take a look at the Google App-Friendly testing software.

#5= Build Local Citations & Have Local Link Strategy

Fix, create and clean up your local listings. Local directory listings (citations) play a major role in local search optimization; our team will get your business listed in all of the necessary directories (70+) to improve your exposure.

We run campaigns using different software to disseminate your NAP, which is your business Name, Address, and Phone number on all of the most popular and important online directories.

Its key to make sure that this data is 100% accurate and uniformly distributed on the different sites. This can send a strong local ranking signal to Google, improving your website’s position in local map searches.

Focus on the LOCAL Citations

Citations are the FUEL for your Local SEO program.  Citations are to Local SEO as Links are to Organic SEO.   You want to get as many high-quality citations as possible.

The real trick is finding the obscure citations of some local businesses that will list your site and getting niche-specific and location-specific citations.

Getting citations from local businesses that are close to you in proximity is a great thing.

Press Releases are another way to get links and citations and can make a huge difference if done right.

#6= Have a Review Strategy & Monitor Ratings & Reviews

What do customers think of you? Make sure you put your best foot forward by balancing and monitoring your reviews across a host of sites. Our team will guide you through the process of cultivating positive reviews and assist you in handling the inevitable negative ones gracefully.

We will create a custom reviews campaign that will help build your online reviews and get new reviews of your business online. As part of our local seo audits program, we will check your existing online reviews.

Having top reviews at Google will for sure help get you better local search rankings and more organic traffic and website traffic. Reviews are one of the top ranking factors and are very important for your overall Local SEO.

We provide top online reputation management services. Let our local seo experts help drive potential customers to your website. We can help improve your search rankings and connect with a local audience.

The key is getting new fresh reviews on an ongoing basis and having a Review System in place to get new reviews every time you have a new client that is satisfied.

#7= Use Unique Customized Photos & Images

Google likes when businesses share photos and videos. So creating a lot of photos of your business locations or people working can be very beneficial.

We help create customized photos, images and gifs of you and your business.

Local SEO Services – Easy & Affordable

Even though you understand how important local SEO is for your business, it can still be quite overwhelming. Search engine optimization is key to your success and you need a local seo company that is going to get you results.

That’s why we placed great care into developing local SEO services that are flexible for businesses and budgets of any size. Whether you’re a new or established business looking to maximize your local presence, we’ve got you covered.

We are one of the best local seo companies because we provide affordable local seo services, top search engine optimization and localized content. We can help you succeed with your digital marketing efforts.

We provide the best local SEO services and can help you get all of your business locations listed with Google my business.


Ask our latest Local SEO expert Michael anything. We have had a lot of questions related to local search engine optimization that we have answered below.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Local search success involves many factors; two of which are Pigeon and Possum—major Google algorithm changes that dramatically impacted local search results.

Understanding the local search market and how algorithm changes like these can impact businesses like yours is what our team thrives on.

We’ve been through these changes; we know what local search was like before, during and after the implementation of these updates and revisions.

Why is local SEO important?

Here’s the deal, people are looking for quick, efficient ways to find local businesses close to them. If you’re not in the local search results, you’re not being found.

With voice search, smartphones and instant answers at the forefront of search, immediate accessibility is key. In fact, local searches lead to 50% of mobile consumers visiting a store within one day (Google). And Google says these people are ready to buy once they are in store.

Optimizing your local business presence involves many factors that all work together to help your business stand out from your competition. Our experienced SEO team will bring cohesion to these factors that influence modern search results that benefit your business and searchers alike. With expert local SEO services, our team is poised to help your business be found online, when it matters most.

What are the main benefits of local SEO?

Local SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing. It can help your business get found in search engines, attract more customers and increase revenue.

Local SEO services can help you rank higher in search results as well as improve your website’s usability.

Why? Mainly because it usually comes up before organic rankings, but also because it can be easier to rank for because you won’t have as many competitors.

Also since mobile has become so big (over 50% of people will visit your site on mobile device), it makes sense that they would see local results first when searching for local businesses on their mobile phones.

So the bottom line is that you want to focus on Local SEO before anything else. Even on a limited budget, you are better focusing on local SEO. You want to make sure your Google profile is updated, that you check your NAP in the business directories and that you get reviews. These are all free things you can do today.

How do you monitor Local SEO performance?

Google my business does provide a nice amount of stats directly related to your Google business profile. You can see when someone clicks on your listing and either gets directions, visits your website or makes a phone call to your office.

We can build a custom dashboard for your business using Google Studio to give you an overview of how your Local SEO campaign is performing.

This dashboard updates in real-time, and can pull data from Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Ads.

Track your keyword performance at the zip code, city, state, and national level.

Measure form leads and phone calls that come from your website.

Review your NAP consistency across web aggregators and directories.

Monitor your Local SEO reviews to see how well your business is generating feedback, and how positive that feedback is.

Analyze the performance of Facebook or Google Ads, including conversion, ROI, and engagement rates.

2022 Local SEO Formula – Content + Citations

What it Takes to Get Good Google Local SEO Results

Succeeding at local search can be challenging, but we have figured out exactly what you need to do in order to succeed with Google.

  • Localized Content Marketing – Unique Constant Content around Local Area
  • Optimized active Google Business Profile with weekly posts & photos added
  • Top quality LOCAL Citations & Links
  • 5 Star Reviews at Google & ongoing Review Strategy

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LOCAL SEO increases sales and traffic

No doubt Local SEO helps get more organic traffic to your website. You want your business found on the search engine result pages and we can help get you there.

Think of Local SEO as today’s yellow page directory.

When a homeowner’s ROOF starts leaking, they simply go to the computer or grab their smartphone and search for “Chicago Roofer” The search engine provides the homeowners with a list of local companies that can help.

BONUS Local SEO Tip = Create Videos

VIDEOS – We will create a YouTube channel and multiple videos to assist with your Local SEO campaign

Videos are HUGE now and people just expect videos these days. So you really need to add some videos to your blogs and facebook posts.

You can do a video around anything and if you really want to get your point across you must have MANY MANY videos.

You can post videos on your Google My Business account, you can use videos in your Facebook ads, and pretty much every social media account is better when you add a video.

So it’s not about should you create one or two videos for your site, NO it should be what is the plan to add 10 videos per week for the next 50 straight weeks.


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