Google 5 Star Review Program


Does Your Chicago Area Business have a Review System at Google?

Let us help you setup a Reviews system that makes it a super easy process for people to leave you a 5 star review at Google.

Most Chicago local businesses DO NOT Have Reviews at Google. (Take advantage of this…)

WHY?  Mainly because its not that easy to get clients to leave reviews and sometimes its just a pain in the ass situation that nobody wants to deal with!

SO the key is making it as easy as possible for a client to leave you a review at Google.  Then also following up with them via text messaging.


  • #1 – Enter in the clients email and phone #

  • #2- The client will get a text message and email requesting them to leave review

  • #3- They will click the link and leave 1-5 Stars

  • #4- If they leave less then 4-5 Stars, they get sent to a thank you page.

  • #5- If they leave 4 or 5 stars, they are then sent to your main Google My Business Review Page

Also the system is setup to send follow up emails to the client IF they don’t leave the review right away.

**** New Special Google Review System for small businesses – $199 setup fee and $69 per month.

  • Setup of business on Review System

  • Creation of new Reviews page with setup of forms, etc

  • Setup of SMS Message system

  • Setup of control panel so business can enter clients phone # to send text message requests

  • Setup of followup messages and confirmation pages

  • Setup of Google instructional page and videos

  • Full Support and Training

SIGN UP NOW – $199 setup and $69 monthly.  FREE Videos & Graphic Creation for Review Pages

Getting Listed in the Google Local 3 Pack AND Getting 5 Star Reviews

*** If you also want to get the Google My Business Local SEO package, fill out the Google Contact Form

Im sure you have been told a million times how you need SEO this and web site that and no doubt there are a lot of possible things you could do with your website and online marketing efforts.     YET Im sure you would agree that being listed at the top of page 1 on Google and having an easy review system that results in your Google listing showing multiple 5 star reviews is something worth doing….

In todays age its all about Content, Reviews, Social Media, Videos and Mobile.      So having a Google My Business listing that is optimized and ranked well is a good thing. Yet having that plus having a constant flow of content and videos around your business and location, plus a solid reviews system in place, along with high quality citations is a Great Thing.   Contact us today to see how we can help your Chicago small business dominate your local area.

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