LOCAL SEO: Top Citations for Dentists

Citations for Dental Professionals

Getting ranked in the Local SEO results is a combination of a number of things, yet Citations are for sure one of the TOP Factors. SO it makes sense that certain citations would be more valuable, obviously high ranking sites like Yelp and Yahoo are must haves for any business. YET you want to find the citations that are specific to your kind of business. SO if your a Chicago Dentist, you want to try and get citations at Dental directories, or any dental related site. Chicago dental related sites would be even better, getting citations that are close to your location can have a benefit.


Here are some of the top citations for Dentists all in the USA and most are free but some are paid.

Simply click on the URL and visit the page to start listing process.  OR you can hire us and purchase our LOCAL SEO Package.

Top niche citation sites for Dentists