How Is Mobile SEO Different From Local SEO?

Mobile SEO is basically brand new and it relates to how your website comes up in MOBILE Searches at Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Now that Google has made it a big factor to have your site MOBILE FRIENDLY, that’s a big part of getting ranked higher in Mobile searches, but there is a lot more involved.

While local search relates to your city or town, mobile search is “hyper-local” and pertains to exactly where you are at the moment.


The key difference is a focus on PEOPLE. Google displays different results on mobile searches that are unique, personalized and relevant to the searcher. Google will also take into account your website’s mobile-friendliness, among other factors to determine how you rank in the mobile search results.

First thing though is you better make sure your site is mobile friendly, and then you can start thinking about other things that might affect your sites mobile SEO rankings, such as optimization of mobile pages, unique content on mobile pages, links and a whole lot more.

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