Creating Mobile Version of Your Site


If you don’t create a separate mobile version of your site, then when someone accesses it on an Iphone, Blackberry or other smart phone device, they will see the desktop version of the site. This is not always that bad of a thing, but usually the desktop version can be harder to read and navigate and could potentially irritate a site visitor.  So when you have a mobile version of your site, then it automatically detects when someone is on a smart phone and will then route them to the mobile version of the site. This version will be a condensed version of your site that will get across your main information to the mobile visitor right away and will be easier to navigate and contact you.

You can have your mobile home page be either a listing of your blog posts, a condensed version of your existing home page or the best option which is a customized mobile home page. This is the page the mobile user will arrive at, so you want to have your phone # in a BIG BOLD font, this way they can click on the # and call you since they are on a phone.   Then providing your other contact information as well as a Google map and directions to your business is also a good idea.  Then you would provide other key info on your business and then links to other key pages within the site.

Then the user can always navigate the mobile menu to visit any other page in your site, which will be in a mobile format. Then they also have the option of switching over to the desktop theme.

So for some businesses, it makes a lot of sense to make sure that you provide a good mobile experience. For other businesses, its not that big of a deal, but it might be as mobile traffic increases and mobile visitors almost expect a mobile version of the site.