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Does your Chicago local business have a social media plan for 2019, 2020 and beyond? You should by now at the very least have a Facebook page. Then Twitter, Google, YouTube and Instagram are other must-haves these days.

Pinterest, Linked-In and a few others are pretty key as well and you want to have a presence on all the big social sites with a description of your business, photos and a link to your site.

Yet then what? You have to add content to the accounts, create new custom images and videos, created facebook ads to promote your pages and a lot more.  Let us help make it super simple!!  We can help manage your social accounts, as well as help you with social media marketing services.


Do You Need Help with Your Social Media Accounts?

—> Do you need someone to monitor your accounts, add content, add images, add videos and keep everything updated on a weekly basis?

—> We can help make your life a little easier and manage your social media accounts.

Let Us Manage Your Social Media Accounts & Create Content/Images/Videos

Chicago Social Media Management

** Special Social Media Management & Marketing Program for Small Businesses – First Month FREE Special & 20% OFF **

PRICING–> $700 FLAT Fee to Setup; $350 per month for ongoing monitoring, content, images and more.

Special Pricing = ($600 Setup Fee, First Month Free, ongoing social media maintenance & content creation for $300 per month)

This covers the main BIG 7 Social Media Accounts of:

We will setup up to 5 social media accounts, monitor the accounts, create new posts, images & videos. Extra accounts are a small extra fee to setup and maintain.

—>  Call us at 630-202-9208 or fill out the Social Media Contact form below 


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