Website Analytics

Website analytics is another term for website stats. Usually now website analytics means Google Analytics!  There are other ways to track the traffic to your website, but Google offers one of the best analytics programs and its free, plus it connects with your Google adwords account, so its a no brainer.

We will setup a Google account for your website and update each page with the Google analytics code.  This then will keep track of all the visitors who come to your site and will provide you information about where the visitor came from, what pages the viewed, how long they stayed on the site, what keywords they used at the search engines and many other key stats.

Its important to review the stats on a monthly basis and see whats working and where the traffic is coming from.   Sometimes you might get a listing at a yellow pages or business directory and you can then track to see how much traffic each is actually producing.

We will create a user for you and send you the login info to review the stats. We will also train you how to login and use the Google analytics system. We will also produce a reports of analytics on your site as part of the monthly web site maintenance program.

Contact us for more information on setting up Google Analytics on your site.

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