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WordPress Management – Let Us Manage your site

WordPress has many different components to keep up with. You have to constantly update the wordpress software and all the plugins.  Then you must have a solid backup and restore setup in place.  Something so if your site goes down, you can get it back up no matter what within minutes.  There is the SPEED and Performance factor, along with the Security factor to consider. You need someone to make sure your WordPress site is humming along and bulletproof!



#1- WordPress Updates

#2- WordPress Backups/Restore

#3- WordPress Security Setup

#4-Hacked? – Security Site Repair

#5- WordPress Speed and Performance

#6- WordPress Mobile Sites

#7-Social Media Management

Do you need a WordPress Expert to help manage your wordpress sites?  We can help you and can do anything from simple updates to creating content to managing multiple sites.   Call us today at 630-393-0460 or fill out the contact form below.

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Wordpress Services

You can contact us below for any Wordpress or other CMS issues you may be having.  We can maintain your site, update your blog with content, add security to your site or fix any issues you may be having.
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  • New WordPress Site – We can create you a custom wordpress theme design that includes everything you need.

  • Edit Existing WordPress Site – We can make edits to your existing site, including updating the existing theme and layout.

  • WordPress Security – Is your site secure? We can help make your site bulletproof to keep the hackers at bay.

  • Malware Clean and Fix –  Has your site been hacked and infected with malware? Contact us for ASAP Help.

  • WordPress Mobile Services – Is your wordpress site mobile friendy? We can help you with all things MOBILE.

  • WordPress SEO – Search Engine Optimization is still important and we can help setup Yoast SEO and optimize all pages in site.

  • WordPress Speed and Performance –  Google wants your site to be fast, is it? We can help make your site blazing fast.