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Massive ChatGPT Upgrade – PLUGINS

OpenAI has announced a major upgrade to ChatGPT, which will allow users to access the internet, upload images, video, audio, and CSV files, connect to websites, and perform a range of functions previously unavailable within the platform.

The new upgrade introduces plugins, which extend ChatGPT’s functionality by allowing users to attach additional tools to the platform. ChatGPT OpenAI tech is a really big deal for all businesses. 

OpenAI has created a number of plugins for the initial rollout, including a web browser, code interpreter, and knowledge base retrieval plugin, and is open-sourcing the code for others to create their own plugins.

Post from OpenAI on Plugins

The post discusses the introduction of plugins to enhance the functionality of the Chatbot GPT model, making it more useful and customizable for users.

The contributors to this blog post and the development of ChatGPT Plugins include a wide array of professionals, researchers, and developers such as Sandhini Agarwal, Ilge Akkaya, Valerie Balcom, Mo Bavarian, and many others.

These plugins allow developers and users to extend the capabilities of the ChatGPT model by adding specific functionalities, like translating languages, solving math problems, generating code, and more.

By integrating these plugins, the ChatGPT model can better understand and respond to user inputs in various contexts, providing a more tailored and helpful user experience.

Examples of New Plugins

Some examples of plugins include Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, Kayak, Karna Shopping, Milo, FamilyAI, OpenTable, ShopSpeak, Wolfram, and Zapier.

ChatGPT+ users and developers will be given alpha access to plugins, and wider access will be rolled out soon.

Examples of the new capabilities include browsing the web and augmenting ChatGPT’s responses with information found on the internet, ordering food and ingredients, plotting graphs and complex charts, opening and analyzing CSV files, and analyzing images and videos. (This is INSANE!)

The announcement has generated excitement, skepticism, and anticipation for the potential impact of ChatGPT plugins on various domains.

Its a massive big deal and the fact that you can now connect all of these things, it just adds to what you can do with ChatGPT. Its a literal powerhouse unlike anything ever before on EARTH!

You can read the full post on the open AI Blog.

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