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Cracking the Code: Insider Tips to Boost Your YouTube Search Rankings

Chicago Web Services is a leading digital marketing agency that understands the importance of YouTube SEO to rank videos #1 in YouTube search.

In this article, we will take you through our process for achieving optimal YouTube search rankings.

At Chicago Web Services, we know that having a YouTube SEO strategy is critical to gaining initial traction for your videos. 

YouTube Video SEO Marketing Services

While most views may come from suggested and browse features, there are three key reasons why you should focus on YouTube SEO.

Firstly, suggested and browse views usually require an existing subscriber base and a relevant library of videos.

Secondly, search views are consistent, leading to consistent subscribers, assuming you deliver on the title of your video.

Lastly, search views have high average view durations, especially for how-tos, tutorials, and tips videos.

Our process starts with comprehensive keyword research using tools such as TubeBuddy, vidIQ, and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. While these tools may not be perfect, they provide estimations that we can use to generate a list of keyword ideas.

We then choose a topic we want to go after and search for the keyword in YouTube search while in private browsing mode. This helps us to identify the format of the video and scope out our competitors. Once we have chosen a topic to create a video around, we move on to the next step, which is creating a high-performing video.

At Chicago Web Services, we believe that a high-performing video has high retention, high average view duration, and high CTR. To achieve this, we script our content and ensure that we deliver on the title and intro.

Throughout the video, we mention our target keyword and related entities to our topic, while providing matching visuals on the screen. We also keep the viewer engaged by asking for engagement metrics and recommending related videos towards the end of the content.

After scripting and recording the video, we move on to the optimization stage.

At Chicago Web Services, we optimize our videos by naming the file appropriately, including the target keyword in the title, generating relevant tags using TubeBuddy and vidIQ, writing a brief summary in the description, creating a thumbnail that complements the title, adding closed captions, and using relevant cards and end screens.

The final step is promoting our videos. At Chicago Web Services, we promote our videos by embedding them in relevant blog posts, sending emails to our subscribers, and sharing them on social platforms. We also share them on sites like Reddit and Quora and use search ads to gain more views.

In conclusion, Chicago Web Services has a proven process for achieving optimal YouTube search rankings that has helped us secure the top spot for highly coveted keywords in our niche. By following our process, you too can achieve top rankings for your videos, resulting in increased views and subscribers

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