Content Creation


Creating new content for your web site is one of the more important things you can do for your website.

It’s not only important to get your point across about what your business does but its also a big factor in getting top organic SEO Rankings.

Creating Content has always been important, but more than ever in 2022. You want to create Optimized SEO Content that ranks high at Google for keywords related to your business.

Creating SEO Super Content

We use AI to help us nail the right content guidelines and rank higher for keywords at Google. Its key to know how big or small your content needs to be. There are many other factors that come into play when creating a piece of SUPER SEO Content.

What are the elements of SUPER Content?

  • Its usually over 2000 words long
  • It covers your topic well
  • It ranks well at Google!


Creating new content can make a difference in your organic search engine campaigns.  Google especially likes when your site is updated with new pages and blog posts.

They have put more emphasis on “Fresh” content. So the more content you can create that is unique, the better it will be for your site in the long run.

Yet really with the new Google updates, they really want helpful useful content that answers your potential customers or clients’ questions.

On Page SEO is the Key – Right SEO Formula

The onpage elements for your website are the key. There are a ton of things that go into getting good rankings, BUT the bottom line is if you want to rank for a search phrase like say for example “Are Chicago dentists open on Saturdays?”, you need to have a page on your site that answers and talks about that question about being open.

Then you want to know what it takes to rank for your keyword. Not all keywords and keyphrases can be ranked for. Sometimes the big boys are in the way, sites with too much authority and links.  Yet thats ok, there are a ton of keywords and it makes more sense to focus your energy on the keywords that are possible to rank for.

So you really need to do the research all around. First you need to to know what terms are getting traffic and searches every month. Then you need to know what sites are ranking and what kind of content the sites in the top 10 at Google have.  Meaning how many words are being used, how many Headers, images, videos and other key factors also come into play. Then you have to have the right keyword density and know which keywords to include on your page, and how many times.

Sometimes LESS IS MORE for real. I have seen many times where when doing a document analysis, the software Im using is saying to REMOVE words from the document in order to rank better. Sure enough these docs move up in the rankings. So thats become more of a thing lately, where you need to remove words. Not always, sometimes its still a situation where you need a TON of content, like 3000 or more words.  Yet you have to know before you start creating your content.

So there is a perfect formula that the AI software can help figure out. Not only how many words should be on the page, but many other things that can result in a #1 ranking and a ton of traffic.

The key with the content is testing it out.  Making sure you point internal links to the new page from the sites home page, and other related pages and posts.

Then you need to try and get some external links to your new post. This combined with getting a high content score and nailing your onpage SEO formula will usually always get you a 1st page top 10 at Google result. Which is a pretty good thing.



We can help you create new content for your site in the form of new articles, service areas, FAQ’s and Blog posts.


There is a lot of different content you can create for your website. We have created different content for many different types of businesses. Lawyers, Dentists, Painters, Roofers, and other small businesses.

  • Chicago Federal Criminal Lawyer – Federal Lawyer near me is Josh Adams of the Chicago criminal firm Adams Defense Law.
  • Top Chicago Illinois Dentist Larry Fisher – #1 spot for term “Do Dentists still use Nitrous Oxide”? and other related terms at the Google organic listings.
  • Other Chicago Dental articles created around “How to Remove Tarter Without a Dentist”, “Are Chicago Dentists open on Saturdays?” – #3 at Google for that term and the answer is YES!
  • Chicago House Paint Contractors
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