Marketing Songs & Jingles for Small Businesses

Jingles and Songs for DENTISTS

Listen to the smash hit “In the Heart of the Windy City, Six Corners Family Dental”  we created for a Chicago family dentist.

We created a number of jingles for the dental office, as well as a few songs for specific areas of the dental practice.

Create customized music for your business today. Use in Video ads, commercials and anywhere you need professional custom music.

Legal Search Marketing Song

This is a fast paced country song for “Legal Search Marketing” and not only is a catchy tune, but it advertises what the company does in a logical way via music.

These songs can make your videos unique and stand out. You can also have just sections of the songs in certain spots.

Create a memorable jingle for your company like HUDSON 23 700! You will own the rights to the music and can then use it in any video without fear of copyright issues.

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