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Looking for a video spokesperson that will work 24/7 for life?!  Looking to clone yourself and then use your AI video avatar, which looks and sounds EXACTLY like you, for never-ending marketing videos?

** Here is an example of how you could create an AI AVATAR and have it be your spokesperson. Then YOU could be that avatar and there are a few options including a PRO deluxe option where you would need to film yourself against a GREEN SCREEN for like 5 minutes, and then you would then have your avatar trained and also you would need to add your voice, unless of course you want a new voice, thats also ok.

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I mean if you want to do the next say 100 videos and take the time that’s cool, but you now have the choice to create a really sharp avatar and then feed it a script on what to say, and then it will create the video you want.

It’s really cool technology and AI is everywhere, but there are certain things that it can do that are beyond awesome.

Anything goes in the world of AI, the sky is the limit. I mean Ive never seen a technology that can advance so quickly. I mean I remember the old days of MS DOS and 1200 BPS modems and bulletin boards before the Internet. Things never moved that quick really, but with AI, its like holy F! Its amazing what is possible now and its only going to get better.

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Click on the icon in lower right corner to launch the Open AI fueled Chatbot. This is our specially trained SEO and AI chatbot, who is also connected to same datasets that the now world  famous “Chat GPT” is connected. So basically its WAY way smarter than the average bear and average chatbot!

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🤖 We can create a chatbot that can be trained on specific data and on your business to have a very customized chatbot that can help your customers.


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