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Creating Content with ChatGPT- Poems, Raps & Other Stuff

By now everyone has heard and maybe even tried Chat GPT. It is amazing and the Chat GPT plus is even better, it works all the time and you never have to try again later.

Prompt Engineering is the Key

It can write anything you want but it really is key that you have good prompt engineering in the way you ask for your content. You might have to ask a few different times, adjusting how you ask.  They key is finding a good prompt that delivers exactly what you are looking for.

Writing Different Kinds of Content – Poems & Music Lyrics

Below is a Poem about SEO over the years. I told Chat GPT to create a Poem about my time with SEO since 1999 and here it is. Pretty amazing actually, and it just adds all the different famous google updates over time and it just all makes sense.  Another gold star for Chat GPT.

SEO Poem by Christopher Scott & Chat GPT


“From ’99, I’ve been doing SEO Watching it grow, learning how to flow Like a river, SEO ebbs and flows As search engines evolve, new trends it shows

Back then, it was all about keyword stuffing But as time went on, it became quite roughing Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird updates Changed the game, making us all checkmate

SEO’s evolved, from just keywords and links To content and social, and other new things The algorithms change, the rules rearrange But the goal is still the same, to get the best range

Now, it’s all about quality and relevance Creating value, building audience intelligence The days of black hat are long gone And SEO has grown, like the break of dawn

So, as I look back on these years of SEO I see how far it’s come, how much we know From meta tags to user experience SEO has matured, with excellence

And though the journey’s been long and winding SEO remains, like a river, ever-binding Connecting us to the web, to the world, to each other SEO, evolving, growing, like no other.”

The poems this can create really is amazing. I did a poem for a girlfriend and gave chat GPT a few details about when we met, and things we did, and it came back with 3 amazing poems and a bonus rap song done in the style of Eminem.
All 4 were amazing and needed no edits really.
I had it do a few variations, and that’s pretty key to refining your search and going at things with different prompts and testing the results.

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